Hi members, just 5 more sleeps…thats right…five, cinq, cinqo sleeps until The CrossFit Pickering 20,000 Burpee Challenge in support of Big Brothers and Sisters is hosted by CrossFit Pickering.  In case you haven’t heard lets have a little Q and A about 20,000 Burpees….

Q. When is this happening?

A.  This Saturday, June 3rd from 9:00am until 1:00pm at CrossFit Pickering, 1735 Orangebrook, Pickering (first left south of Bayly off Brock Road)

Q. What happens at a burpee challenge?

A. Athletes from all walks of life gather to throwdown with their peers, friends, families in support of a great organization…Big Brothers and Sisters

Q.  How many burpees do I have to be able to do?  How fast do I have to do them?  What if I can’t do a complete burpee all the way to the floor?

A. Well, we’d love you to commit to 100 burpees, or maybe 250, 500, or even a 1000.  BUT, even if you can give us 10…we’d be so thankful, and so would Big Brothers and Sisters. You don’t have to be fast AND even if burpees aren’t your thing, we can scale your movement…after all we are “the” CrossFit destination here in Durham Region

Q. Will it just be burpee after burpee?

A. NOPE!  We will have cool games and bonus burpees available.  Have you ever player Roxanne Burpees or Sally Burpees? In and out of the tire burpees? I bet not!  Would you do Burpee Box Jumps, or Box Over Burpees for bonus points?  What about my favourite…Barf Acing Burpees?

Q.  OK, what does all of this fun cost?

A. Actually its FREE!  We’d love it if you could make a DONATION to the Big Brothers and Sisters…maybe $10, or even a bit more.  You could come over and challenge your favourite coach to do some extra burpees and make an additional contribution to our cause.

Q.  But I have to cut the grass on Saturday morning, can I do them at another time?

A. Well golly yes!  How about doing them in one of our classes on Friday, June 2nd.  Even if you are going to be away, you could send us a Facebook Live from your hotel room, your campsite, or your motorhome…Burpees are not limited to being onsite…but it would be more fun if you were there.


Training for Tuesday May 30th, 2017

All of us want to be better, this is where it starts…core strength! Midline conditioning is what makes us better, able to move more efficiently, lift more weight, helps with posture…among so many other things.

This isn’t a penalty, this is core conditioning…ask a gymnast how much of their training session is devoted to this type of training…

Midline Conditioning – using a clock set at 15 minutes. Athletes start at different stations

3 Rounds Not for Time

20 GHD Situps

15 Overhead Squats @60% 1RM

Front Plank 90 seconds

Complete all three rounds before continuing to the WOD…as a group!

Then a Barbell/DU WOD for Time

3 Rounds For Time

10 Power Cleans 135/95

10 Front Squats 135/95

10 Jerks – Split if you are capable 135/95

50 Double Unders

Ooooh Baby…I can almost see your six-pack abs!!!!!!


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