Make your plans to be part of the Big Brothers and Sisters of South West Durham Region Burpee Challenge this Saturday morning…

We’ll have a warmup every hour on the hour for those of you who are attending at a specific time….

Here’s an idea of what an hour will look like

:00 to :10 minutes       Warm-up

:10 to :30 minutes       Get your Burpees on

:30 to :35 minutes       Specialty Burpees

:35 to :40 minutes      Have a water/snack Break

:40 to :55 minutes      Burpee your Brains out

:55 to :60 minutes      Burpee Challenge/Burpee Throwdown

Here is your Saturday Morning Checklist

______  Towel        _______ Carbs       ________ Sweatbands/Headbands

______ Your kids/husband/Neighbour   _______ Knee Pads

______ Official Burpee Shoes   ________ Your best Socks( i dare ya!)

______  Water Bottle   _______ Alternative Refreshments


Todays RECOVERY WOD (I got it right today)

10 minutes of Rowing – I can’t be more specific, sorry!

(But it will be fun….promise!)


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