You did something good on the weekend CrossFit Pickering!

You should be proud!

As I looked around the room at 8:55am on Saturday, and counted 8 athletes, I wondered in my head how many of them were up for their 2500 burpees.  But by 9:30 more had started to trickle in and and the number got smaller for everyone. Families…like Amy and the two boys, Madelaine’s kids, and the Budgen’s made the goal more attainable as every rep that Mom did the kids contributed as well. Mike Gabriel, posing as Bosley from Charlie’s Angels, brought Paloma, Kiyomi, Nadia, and even recruited our PR specialist Meina into his group in the back.  Jeannette was there, left, and came back to do more, and Adam and Jeff polished off their 1000 each at a steady pace that has to be recognized  as well.  A big boost arrived around noon when the crew from JSOD marched in the back door and were quickly introduced to Al Barless…something I know they’ll not soon forget. There was an energy that grew all morning…the outcome was never in doubt.

There are so many stories to tell, and so many names to mention but I know that you all know what a great accomplishment you achieved….30,250 burpees for Big Brothers and Sisters! AND a substantial financial donation that is still growing. Be proud.

Thank you!

In putting together this week of programming, Our Khaleesi gave me only one instruction…NO BUCKEN’ FURPEES!

With that in mind, I have found the 6 WODs ever invented that don’t contain BURPEES, but of course that means there will have to be other things we aren’t particularly fond of…can you spell T.H.R.U.#.%.^>R.S. Well, not today, but we’ll see.

Today is a classic…one that tests you on all levels.  Check your scores before you arrive at the box…you’ll want to have a strategy ready.


3 Rounds, For Total Reps in 17 minutes
1 minute Wall Balls (20/14 lbs)
1 minute Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls (75/55 lbs)
1 minute Box Jumps (20 in)
1 minute Push Press (75/55 lbs)
1 minute Row
1 minute Rest


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