A busy day today…The strength portion of the program focuses on the form of an overhead squat.  Remember, when planning out your increases in weight, that if you can’t squat below parallel, the weight is too much for you.  Its not a competition!

Part 2 is from Dan Bailey training archives and is a descending couplet.  Lets take the time to focus on the complete movement in both the bench press and med ball cleapp



Using a descending ladder of 10-8-6-4-2, increasing weight as necessary

Work Overhead squats to full depth focusing on form above weight. Racks can be used


From Dan Bailey training WODS

  • 42 medicine ball cleans 20lb
  • 21 body-weight bench presses
  • 30 medicine ball cleans 20lb
  • 15 body-weight bench presses
  • 18 medicine ball cleans 20lb
  • 9 body-weight bench presses


5 Rounds 150m ROW

1 minute Rest between each ROW



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