With a focus on conditioning biased training, this WOD relies not only on a cardio based buy for each round but performing three classic barbell movements as the reward for selecting the proper distances.  Don’t chose light weights for your lifts but conversely don’t make the weight so heavy that our are unable to cycles through some repetitions during once you get to the bar.

Adderral – A New Hero WOD

0-10 minutes – Run 1 mile

Remaining time; Max Clean and Jerk 135/95

10-13 minutes – REST

13-20 minutes – Run 800 Metres

Remaining time; Max Power Snatch 115/80

20-23 minutes – REST

23-27 minutes – Run 400 Metres

MAx Thrusters 95/65

Score is total of all three lifts.  Athlete cannot extend beyond the time cap on each segment. Three minute rest between rounds is mandatory and WOD cannot become one of continuous movement.  It you don’t finish your run within the prescribed time, your score will be Zero.  Choose your distances and weights that fall within your abilities.  RX weights and distances are for Elite athletes,

Scale 2 – distnces are 1k, 600, 400

Scale 3 – distances are 800, 600, 400

Weight can be scaled according to ability


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