Hope everyone had a great weekend.  It started out fantastic with a sunny Saturday, but Sunday left a lot to be desired. Heinz 57 turned out to be an “ass-kicker” of a WOD…which I am sure is going to resurface, and anyone who showed up yesterday 9Sunday) for the Speed Dating class looked like they had three wives let alone three dates in an hour.

This week has lots of varied movements…trying hard to make sure we are covering all the bases.  With the CrossFit Games only 2 weeks away I dug through the archives and found a gem that we haven’t seen in a while at CFP…thats coming up on Wednesday…just to stay in sync with the Games theme.  Tomorrow is a lifting complex and has our Tuesday core conditioning as a warmup.

The big announcement this week is that we have a new addition to the bulletin board.  Our KASHOUT 4 KEENERS has been a huge success.  You now have the opportunity to log your participation in the KASHOUT 4 KEENERS program for a chance to win a prize at the end of the four week cycle. Participate when you can, enter your name on the bulletin board, and track your progress.  KASHOUTS are not new skills, but might test your aerobic capacity, or your skill in a movement that e do regularly., or even an accessory skill aimed at improving one or more of the 10 athletic foundations of CrossFit.

We have a few new additions to our box over this past week, from other boxes…please be sure to introduce yourself…CFP is known for its great community spirit.  We are an all-inclusive gym…NOBODY gets left out, NOBODY gets excluded…our relationships with one another is what make us the envy of other XFit boxes.  If you ask any of the drop ins from other boxes they will tell you that they show up at our door because of the reputation we have of being such a great place to train and more importantly because our members are so welcoming.

Here is what is on tap for today.  A strength biased day to be sure.  Focus is on muscular endurance in the Thruster ladder…be sensible with your weights!  The WOD is a triplet with familiar movements, aimed at maintaining intensity by integrating structured breaks, as well as increasing the load and decreasing the rep counts as you move forward.

Embrace the challenge and remember the goal is to leave the gym today, as everyday, feeling better than the minute you walked in!


Thruster Ladder – 14 minute cap, not for time

Beginning with a bare bar each athlete will perform 10 thrusters

Then adding weight each round, recommended Women 10lbs, mens 20lbs the volume of decrease by 2 reps each round


45lb-10 reps

65lb-8 reps

85lb-6 reps

105lb-4 reps

125lb-2 reps

Elite level/advanced lifters can begin their initial lift of 10 reps from a higher weight


5 F$%&s, 5 F$%#s, 5 F#@^s
600m Run Buy-In
12 Deadlifts (155/105)
12 KBS 24/16
Rest 5:00
400m Run Buy-In
9 Deadlifts (185/135)
9 KBS 24/16
Rest 5:00
200m Run Buy-In
6 Deadlifts (225/155)
6 KBS 24/16

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