SO, I bet you are all wondering why there was no core conditioning yesterday. Did you think I was going soft and giving you a break?

Well, the answer to that question is noooo, nyet, nope, nay! I just thought it might be more fun to give you a WOD which fills the bill.

Midline Madness

4 Rounds for time

9 OHS 115/80, 95/65, 75/55

12 Hollow Rocks

15 GHD Situps – can scale these if necessary or if there is congestion at the GHD station.


Turkish Getups – Max effort 7 minutes with KB or DB – (Just because Kat said she liked them). Use a weight which you can handle. If you can’t handle a weight at all, use a lacrosse ball so you have something to focus on in your hand.


Todays Strength component focuses on the pullup

10 Minutes of Pullup skill work


Negatives with light bands

Seated pullups

Strict pullups – increasing volume or decreasing banded assistance



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