CORE CONDITIONING – using a 10 minute clock – this will be done at the conclusion of warmup on one clock for everyone.

Three rounds of

6 knees to elbows

6 Ground to overhead with plate – 45/35

6 Staggered pushups – moving across plate

Rest between rounds


DT makes a comeback.

“DT” one of our favourite hero WODS is one of those that we can play with, alter, lighten, make heavier…geez, its just an all around fun WOD.  Today, we add to the challenge by inserting that 1600m run broken up into 4 x 400.

You only get one bar for this, no exceptions…so you need to push yourself to do as much weight as you can on those push jerks if you want a relatively heavy deadlift bar.


400m Run

DT – 2 rounds of 12 Deadlifts, 9 Hang Power Clean,6 Push Jerk

RX is 155/105 – scale accordingly. Athletes only get one bar!

400m Run

DT – 2 rounds

400m Run

DT – 2 rounds

400m Run


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