Its often hard finding the right WOD for a Sunday…we cover a lot of ground during the week and the following week is always in need of variation….we like to put triplets in here because it allows us to focus on movements and skills that might not have made it into the programming the week before and isn’t a big part of the week ahead.

The big news today is that we are less than 96 hours from event one of the CrossFit Games. Madison, Wisconsin is the new host, after 10 years in Carson California.

For information of how to watch the games, when to watch the games, and everything games….go to the website…

As a special treat for all of you little nuggets, we are having a Games WOD Week here at CFP…Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will feature some of our faves from over the years.



Sunday Triplet


KBS 24/16

Back Rack Lunges

Calorie Bike


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