But not some of these WODS.   In light of the fact that its Games week, we thought it’d be nice to revisit some of the recent Open WODS to see how you are progressing.  Today is a favourite…don’t let it daunt you…you have done it before and you’re still ticking…be sure to check back to the score you posted in February or March in order to compare your scores and weights

Lots of scalable options are available, just ask your coach.

Open WOD 17.4

With a 13 minute Running clock

55 Deadlifts 225/155

55 Wallballs 20/14

55 Calorie Row

55 Handstand Pushups


3 x 10 Side Arm Raises – Dumbbells

3 x 10 Front Arm Raises – Dumbbells

BOth arms at same time

Lots of time to warmup here for the WOD, be sure to include weighted good mornings and ample time to warm up, deads, depth on wall balls, etc


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