I tried to explain to the Saturday class last weekend the rules surrounding work during the CrossFit Games.  There are a number of options that will help you during this trying time.

For any of you who are unfamiliar with this time of year, the CrossFit Games, is essentially the World Championship of our sport.  While watching this event you will see superhuman feats of strength, agility, balance, power, endurance…but most of all you will see tough badass athletes who can overcome the overwhelming demands of the events by digging deep into their testicular fortitude and ignoring the pain.

You can watch on Facebook, and on YouTube.  Also if you have a tv system pirating US networks, CBS Sports is also streaming the event the year.  Easiest access is to just Google 2017 CrossFit Games and find the method which best suits your viewing habits.

Anyway, first event is on Thursday morning at 8am central time (9am our time).  As a viewing junkie I have a few tips for those of you who have to work despite the importance of these events.

  1. Strategically rearrange your office so the computer screen can’t be seen from the doorway.
  2. Turn up your office radio to muffle out the sounds of Dave Castro saying “Athletes standby” and then the horn to start the event
  3. Cheering is permitted at your workstation, however you must refrain from shouting things like “get out of the hole” or “pick up that #$%@ bar.” Personally, I got caught by my boss 3 years ago, muttering “Unf*&^%^& believable!” He was really pissed because he thought I was talking about him, and threatened to fire me!
  4. Remember, describing CrossFit workouts to other than Crossfitters is more annoying than having dinner with a vegan. Keep your unbridled enthusiasm to yourself.
  5. Going to your car to watch the Games is allowed, however driving while watching, not so good. Yelling “GO GO GO” while stuck in traffic can create a SH*&storm and lead to unwarranted road rage incidents.


There are a number of other recommendations.  Most importantly though, watch this spectacle.  CrossFit was a cult less than 10 years ago.  You have joined sport of functional fitness.  You compete against yourself, not against these superhuman, to improve your life be being the best that you can be. With over 15,000 locations in the world you can go anywhere and be part of the biggest fitness community in the world.  Personally, I have now been involved for almost six years and I have loved every minute.  I have yet to meet anyone who was not supportive and friendly.

The CrossFit community is magic! Fitness, like music, is universal….

Recovery Day

3K Row – Every 2nd Minute On the Minute – 8 Dumbbell Thrusters 35/25

WOD Starts with 8 Dumbbell Thrusters




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