Did this little WOD in Chicago a couple of weeks back…sneaks up on you pretty quick.

Housekeeping notes for this week…watch the blackboard for the FALL HOUSELEAGUE beginning September 14th.   Expanded from last year and WAY FUN!  It doesn’t matter if you are scaled, RX, or a boot camper…everyone is welcome!  There will be instructions posted for registration later this week…

Also, can we all make a point of wiping down equipment once we are done with it. It gets  sweaty in the box in August and we should only pass on bodily fluids when its consensual (lol)

Looking forward to a great week of strength, conditioning, and friendship!



Barbell Conditioning

EMOM 5 Minutes

2 Power Clean

2 Front Squat

2 Push Jerk

RX is 205/145


3 Rounds for Time – Cap 20


Pullups – chin over bar, jumping is the scale

Pushups – narrow tricep pushups, or hand release, no snaking on the descent

Abmat Situps – complete with touching toes at the top.

KASHOUT for KEENERS – 1 extra round





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