If you didn’t know it, our very own Khaleesi Marta will be celebrating a birthday later this week.

Just the other day she was mentioning that she wanted everyone to enjoy her favourite WOD, The Ghost before she went away for the weekend.  So here it is.

This WOD was developed for a WBC Championship fighter a few years back…the three minutes of work are followed by 1 minute of rest, for six rounds…thereby simulating a six round fight.

The GHOST – its Marta’s Birthday…don’t forget.  Oh and if you are wondering about the picture above…she doesn’t even know that I found it, but this little remembered pic is from Marta and Tom’s Wedding Album…curious huh?  Who knew Tom was Dothraki?

6 rounds

1 Minute Rowing – for calories

1 minute Burpees – for count

1 minute DUB’s – for count

1 minute rest –

I’m sure you’ll thank her once you’re done.


But before you can get to that here is a complex to continue developing those darned Squat Cleans.

Squat Clean Complex – 4 rounds, on coaches “GO!” Only!

Not for time. Advanced athletes can work on load, intermediate/beginner should work on form, including depth, getting under the bar, snappy hips, fast elbows, speed. Rather be light on weight and work on skills during the movements rather than expect heavy movements…

3 – High hang Squat Clean

2 – Hang Squat Clean

1- Squat Clean


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