Welcome back from your weekend athletes…a busy schedule today.


Overhead Squat – can come from the rack.

After completing a bare bar warmup and reviewing movement increasing weight and allowing for rest after each round

WOD today is a series of five minute WODS.  Intensity is key.  Rest of three minutes between rounds. Go all out while maintaining movement integrity. The rest period is ample time for a re-set before the next segment commences.


 Part A – 5 Minutes – Total Reps – 18 per round

6 Ring Dips

6 Atomic Sit-ups

6 Squats

Rest 3 minutes

Part B – 5 Minutes for total reps – 72 for first round and then additional reps


SDHP – 95/65

Hollow Rocks

if you finish, repeat sets of 9 until the end of the time period

3 minute Rest

5 minutes – Total reps, count five reps for each 200m row and 5 for the power snatch.  If more than 7 athletes, additional athletes can use the Assault bikes….conversion is 400m, once again worth 5 reps.

200m row – 5 Power Snatch 75/55


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