Hey, athletes…couple of housekeeping notes today.

1. Houseleague Registration is ongoing.  See the blackboard and the bulletin board for entry forms.  Be sure to complete and leave in the Reebok Shoebox in the gym.

FAQ’s…well answers, you’ll be able to figure out the questions.

Yes, modified workouts can be incorporated if you are injured. We want the HL to be all inclusive. So register early so we can be sure to have to time to scale WODS that are suitable.

No, we are not doing a team format in the HL.  Its all individual WODS.

Yes, there is an entry fee…$10.  Just to facilitate prizes.

Yes, if you are a teenager you should sign up too. We have a great group of teens and it would be great to see you compete.

2. New at the BOX.

We’ve been fortunate to get the horizontal bar racks onto the walls and need to start using them to our advantage.  Please replace your 35lb and 45lb bars in their correct spaces.  For the time being, 15lb training bars will remain in the vertical rack nearest the stairwell.

Kettlebells – please put them away under the rack along the wall.  They shouldn’t be on the black rubber floor.

Dumbbells – please return them to the rack (lighter weights) or to the location next to the kettlebells in PAIRS.

Med Balls – have to be wiped down after every use.  In fact so do the bars, and benches and any other equipment that you might have ‘sweated, glowed, perspired” on.  Lets make this a habit please.

EMOM – 12 minutes

Every Even Minute – 10 Wall Ball Situps 20/14 – no toss. Ball stays in your hands for the entire movement, beginning on the floor above your head and ending when you touch the ball to your toes.

Every Odd Minute – 10 Push Press 75/55


Kashout for KEENERS – today is day 1 of a new month of K4K.  For those of you who haven’t participated before these are an add-on to the regularly scheduled program.  The duration is generally short and the intensity is meant to be high. When you participate in K4K, select a weight, if applicable, that you can handle with as few breaks as possible…take advantage of the cardio benefits as well as training the movement that is prescribed.  When you’re done write your name on the bulletin board and a quick checkmark for completion…times and weights aren’t measured…just participation.


9-6-3 Dumbell Thrusters 35/25

with three burpees at the start of each round and at the end.


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