Warmup using Limber 11, same as last week


Since we did a whack of running yesterday, todays recovery day will be a little different

Bench Swing

A couplet…. Athlete will complete

100 Bench press at a prescribed weight of approximately 50 1RM each time they put the bar on the rack or stop moving, 10 KBS at 24/16kg.

No times to be recorded. Max Time allowed for completion…14 minutes.

Spend balance of time working on recovery exercises for your specific needs.  Your coach can assist in setting you up…


SPECIAL WOD This Saturday – we won’t give you the details, but will let you know that you will be working in teams of three to achieve your goals. Named Teamwork 700, accomplishing completion of this WOD will require athletic skill, grit, planning and most of all TEAMWORK.  Bring your people with you, meet them here, or drag them in still kicking.




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