Well,  its been hotter than stink for most of this week and hopefully it stays for another 2 or 3 weeks.  We keep working on our fitness goals here at CrossFit Pickering and making ourselves better each day.

I was listening to Coach Glassman the other night and he seems to have a new catch phrase.  “Get Off The Couch, Get Off The Carbs” Essentially the CrossFit message hasn’t changed, but the 100 word explanation of fitness has been tightened up a bit. It sure sounds pretty simple, if only it was that easy.

Today, for all of us who have chosen to “get off the couch” we’ve got a nice little strength EMOM (I’m lovin’ the EMOM lately) Let’s try and work those sets up around 70-80% of a recent 1RM, and remember once you are racked, there is a burpee in each round.

Then, let’s get our waterbottles ready for a Rowing and DUB Pyramid.  Can you say…”heart rates up?” Should be fun…and then, after all is said and done…let’s make an effort to reduce our carbs this weekend so we aren’t spinning our wheels!


Front Squat

EMOM 10 – 3 Front Squats, finish with 1 burpee.  Racks are in play

Rowing Pyramid

Row 15 Calories, DUB’s 35

Row 25 Calories. DUBS 25

Row 35 Calories. DUBS 15

Row 25 Calories. DUBs 25

Row 15 Calories. DUBs 35


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