Warm-up-on the hour

Starts at 9am and 11am respectively.   It will be a warm-up focusing on General Physical Preparedness

Pee Break-at 15 minutes after the hour

Teamwork 2.jpg

Teamwork 700

Today will be a test of using resources as well as working as a part of a team, and as a team within a team. Teams will be selected randomly, by a draw of cards…this means there could be scaled athletes working with RX working with bootcampers working with teenagers.  You’ll all need equipment because “sandbagging” is not allowed. Perform at your work capacity.

On the 3-2-1 GO, each team will have 7 minutes to prepare and gather equipment. The clock for training will start at the 7 minute mark. Resources should be shared between teams if there is not enough equipment (see above, there will be needs for equipment that you will need to solve between teams)

TEAMWORK 700 Rules – in teams of three, with 2 athletes working at anyone time…therefore one must be resting.   Should one of the two working athletes STOP, so too must the other athlete until the third team member commences working…

Teams can start on any exercise except the xxx but can’t move on to their next exercise until the one they are on is completed, once again the order of execution is up to you.

Each athlete on the team must complete a minimum work capacity of 25% of each exercise…ie 25% of the F@#$%^ T#$%^*&^ for athlete 1, 37% for athlete 2, and 38% for athlete 3 is acceptable. No one athlete can be at 25% more than twice in the 6 events.

Get your clipboards ready.

Now, if I told you ll what the elements of this WOD were in advance, some of you would stay up all night strategizing and planning.  So, here is what you get to know…

Charlie Brown.jpg

Final times will be recorded when all of the team have finished the WOD and the team has returned its equipment to its rightful place in the gym.





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