One of the best WODS from this years CrossFit Games.  We have made a couple of minor modifications based on equipment and scale of the athletes, so please have a look and decide what works best for you.  If in doubt…ask your coach.

CrossFit Games Triple-G Chipper


For time:
100 pull-ups
80 GHD sit-ups
60 single-leg squats, alternating
40-cal. row
20 push presses, 100 / 70-lb. dumbbell

Scale 1

2 rounds of

50 pull-ups

40 GHD Situps

30 alternating pistols

20 Calorie Row

10 push press

Scale 2

4 rounds

25 Pullups

20 GHD Situps

15 alternating pistols

10- Cal Row

5 Push Press

In scaled versions, Pullups can be banded, seated, ring rows.

GHD can be Atomic Situps, Pistols can be from seated, or top of box,and push press scaled by weight.

Kashout 4 Keeners

2 minutes per side Couch Stretch

2 minutes per side Pidgeon Stretch


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