Changing things up a little from what we had planned for today.   We just felt a change was needed after Loredo and the Triple G Chipper had already been programmed this week.  So, we are planning a nice walk by the lake, stopping for for a light breakfast and then watching the swans in the bay.  We’ll feed the ducks and maybe have an ice cream or an espresso right after.  There will be no warmup, but a nap may be taken after the activity….we call the WOD “NOTFREAKINLIKELY!”

The real day’s activities are below.



Bench Press. working up to a heavy 1 Rep at about 80% of your 1RM


Friday’s WOD

25 Double Unders, followed by

5 Rounds of

10 Clean and Jerk 155/115

10 Calorie Row

followed by  25 Double Unders.

S.P.I.C.E.Y!  You bet….

but then we get a LONG WEEKEND…say thank you!!!


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