I’m a big fan of the company “Compete Every Day”. Their motto is “LIFE IS WORTH COMPETING FOR” and something about that resonates with me, especially since I work in a career where I see people throwing their lives away on a daily basis, whether it be drugs, alcohol or just plain unhealthy life choices.  People tend to make everyone else a priority over themselves.

It seems like everytime I’m having a really rough day and feeling pretty beaten down, a blog post comes out that resonates with me. Their most recent one covers a topic most of us struggle with. Goal Setting. But more importantly, the sensation of defeat that tends to come to us when we’re faced with an overwhelming timeline. Let’s say you want to lose X lbs in 12 weeks. 12 weeks seems like a really long period of time when you’re staring down the barrel, but what if you just broke it down to one day at a time. What if you started with Day 1 of 84. Then Day 1 of 83. Day 1 of 82. What if you invested everything into JUST. ONE. DAY.

“We don’t stress about not knowing how a book ends when we read chapter one, and we don’t get disappointed if we fail to reach our goal on the first day we set out to achieve it. We understand it’s Day One, so we simply channel our efforts into doing our best on that day in order to position us to be at our best tomorrow.” – CED




20 minute AMRAP

20 Thrusters 135/95

20 Pull-ups

20 Burpees

FYI Josh Bridges managed 6 rounds in 20 minutes.

For us mere mortals, anything over 3 rounds for men or 2 rounds for women is worth bragging rights.

Reflect on these numbers when you are done for a true appreciation of the levels of fitness/athleticism demonstrated by some of the elite CrossFit athletes.

♥ J


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