I’ve got a really serious question for you.

I want you to be honest.

How long do you spend PRACTICING your skills?

That means before a class, or after a class, or at home. Not for Time. Not in a workout. Not for any reason other than to get better at that particular skill.

What was your answer? Was it pretty close to EFF ALL?

It’s ok, don’t be ashamed. It’s normal.


It doesn’t look cool, it doesn’t give you a PR. It’s just spending 10-15 minutes reviewing a skill you struggle with, looking to perfect it.


Ok, here’s another question for you.

How are your Double Unders?






I’ll wait while you think about it.





If your response was to start laughing, or you winced and reflexively held your elbows, then today is the day for you.




For time:


Unbroken Double Unders (i.e. do 5 unbroken, rest, do 10 unbroken, rest etc…)

*For Those who are very efficient at double unders, every time you break in a set, restart that set. I.e. If you fail on 40, restart your set of 40, don’t go back to 5 (I’m not THAT MEAN)

** For Those who are good but not GREAT at double unders, go to a number that you can comfortably complete. You should be able to do at least up to 25 or 30

*** For Those who winced and held their elbows you are going to do 15 minutes of SERIOUS DOUBLE UNDER PRACTICE.

Options include: 5-7 x 1:00 MAX EFFORT DUs with 1:00 rest in between, 5-7 x 1:00 single skips working on bounding and/or tempo


You’ll thank me one day.

Today is probably not that day.

Tomorrow isn’t looking good either.

♥ J

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