Happy Monday you beautiful athletes of Crossfit Pickering!!!!

How did the weekend treat you?

Let me guess.

Sweaty with a side of “what the heck is this thing you call autumn?”.

Well it’s another new week and that means another chance to work towards the goals you’ve set and hold so dear.


What’s that?

You don’t have any goals set?

*insert skreeeching breaks and tires*

Let me tell you a little something about goals. They have nothing to do with New Years Day, or the first of the month, or some fancy end goal involving a bikini or thigh gap, or building a chest like King Kong.

They have to do with setting an attainable and MEASURABLE goal within a set time line that you are ACTUALLY going to put work towards.

I love that we have a goal board outside the change rooms, but how many of you wrote goals along the lines of “work harder every day” and ” do my best”.

uh oh, hard love time coming up. That’s a completely useless goal.

How do you measure it? How do you know what “better” is when you don’t have a set standard????

Back in May this year I had a breakdown epiphany about my progress. I had had enough of feeling frustrated in the gym knowing I was better than how I was performing. I set goals. You can read them under my name on the whiteboard. Some of them I’ve already crossed off. Some may not happen this year and that’s OK. They’ll move forward to next year. But I gave myself a clear, measurable set of goals.

The most frequent complaint I hear when I’m coaching or working out is “I can’t get pull-ups”. But ask yourselves honestly, how many of you spend the time doing the grunt work of practicing negatives, and beat swings, and grip holds to improve yourself?

Now please don’t think I’m trying to beat you down. I love you all too much for that. You need to know that I believe in every single one of you and your abilities to grow and improve.

I implore you today, this Monday, to rewrite your goals on the white board. 2017 has 4 months left in it. Write yourself ONE goal that you truly believe you can meet by then. It may seem short but I remind you I lost 15lbs and improved leaps and bounds in 12 weeks and have continued improving since then.

If you want help in ANY way, whether it be setting goals, figuring out a plan to meet them, need a kick in the A$$, please ask myself or ANY of your coaches. We LOVE to see you improve and I know I will happily take as much time out as I can to help anyone meet any goal they have.


*Climbing off high horse and ending rant*


1RM Squat Clean


NOT a Power Clean unless injury prevents you. It may only be a bare bar, but accept that as your max and work to improve it.


Two Baby AMRAPs

5 min AMRAP

10 kettle bell swings

10 push press 95/65


2 min Rest



10 Toes to Bar

10 Thruster 95/65


Let have some fun this week 😉



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