This is an article from a few weeks ago that was on the HQ website.  We never know the road that people have been on, eventually because of what we do we slowly find out. Crossfit builds your inner and outer strength and this is why we all do it!  I hope you find this as moving and inspiring as I did. Xo Marta

DONE BEING WEAK by Brittney Saline

“You are worthless. You don’t deserve to be here.”

Ron, stepfather to Katie Smith—who was around 6 or 7 at the time—spat the words at her, his eyes filled with hate and rage. Smith, her younger sister, their mother and Ron were packing for yet another move, and one of the dogs had gotten in the house and defecated on the floor.

“Eat it,” Ron commanded her.

She didn’t scream. Didn’t cry. Hardly dared to breathe. She gingerly gathered the foul turds and placed them in her mouth.

“It was terrible,” she recalled. “But you didn’t question, at all. You just did what he said.”

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Linda is a great workout and is quite famous in CF circles. If you are new to CF, do not let this intimidate you, you can scale it by lowering your weight. If you have done Linda at a lower weight and finished under 25 minutes, you might want to add a bit more weight!

Deadlift 1 1/2 x body weight
Bench Press 1 x body weight
Clean 3/4 x body weight
Set up 3 bars and storm through for time

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