If you’re not doing Bulgarian split squats, maybe they would be great to add to your accessory work.  If one of your requests/goals has been to have a bigger butt, read on!

What are the benefits of the Split Squat?

1 – Builds GLUTE strength

2 – easier on the back than a back squat

3 – transferrable to sports which often utilize a 1 legged stance

4- builds your grip

5 – a sneaky core workout

6 – builds the muscles that help with explosive movements

7 – adds muscle mass to the derriere – and we all want that!

8 – makes your weighted 2 legged squats stronger

9 – helps with Pistols

10 – stretches muscles actively by opening up the hip

Leg Strength Day – for pistol progression
3 x 10 (each leg) Bulgarian Split Squat – increase weight each set

3 x 10 weighted lateral lunges using kettlebell or dumbbells
3 x 10 Goblet Squat

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