When 17,356 CrossFItters were asked what the most important piece of personal CrossFit equipment was, the second most popular answer, behind deodorant, were long socks.

As the number of CrossFit athletes grow exponentially, so too do the lifelong scars running diagonally just above the ankle on the front of the leg.  This is the sign of a CrossFitter did not heed the warnings about wearing long socks to a rope climbing, or more accurately a rope descending class.  The burn can be real, people!

Now CrossFitters wear these scars as a badge of honour once they are healed,(in fact it is perfectly acceptable to start a Fran conversation with anyone who bears this blemish) but in the two weeks after first getting the nasty random raspberry tattoo on their legs they forget how much discomfort and even pain they are in as the wet sloppy contusion sticks on everything from socks, to tape, to bandaids.  Getting it to scab up is no simple task as it opens at will on extension of the foot.

In seeing Tuesdays are Brock Day, for most of you, use this as a reminder that you will be wearing  long socks  to box today. Leave your cute little ankle socks or sock liners at home today…Brock Day is LONG SOCK DAY…

Strength –

Back rack walking lunge out of the rack – 4 x 8 ( 4 per leg) increase weight each time


WOD du Jour

Before each KB do 3 rope climbs ( all together 12 rope climbs)…IF you have not yet mastered the rope, we will find you a suitable scaled alternate skill…but please, don’t go into shock, when the Tuesday Coach Brock, undoes the holster for the rope, and says to you all, I hope your remembered your long socks…

20 KB swings

20 walking lunges

20 KB russian twists

20 dips

20 KB Goblet squat

20 Box Jumps

20 KB Clean and press

20 hollow rocks





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