Hey y’all, just want to take time to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving.  Whether you are spending it with family, friends, or stealing away some quiet time we truly hope you find some time to have some good nosh, good times, and maybe even a few bevvies of choice!

The holiday schedule is Saturday – Open, Sunday Closed, Monday 9am and noon. Back to normal on Tuesday. Coachie is away this weekend so I won’t be running a “super secret Sunday special”

Houseleague resumes next Friday, October 13th…for week four. I am telling you now it will be ghoulishly delicious!  . For those not signed up for HL, remember…you can still come out and play in that time slot.  The WODS are intense and the energy is at a peak! (plus we are always looking for new victims at the pub after) Newbie or a Pro…come on out!

IN Glen’s words, today is a DOOZY! You’ll  deserve a huge helping of Pumpkin Pie if you get it all done.


Strict Press

3 x 8-10 at increasing weight up to 75% 1RM




16 Rounds

3 Power Snatch every 15 seconds 95/65

1 minute Rest

16 Rounds

3 Clean and Jerks every 15 seconds 95/65

1 minute Rest

16 Rounds

3 Front Squats every 15 seconds 95/65



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