OK, you ate too much!  What was it? Turkey?  Potatoes? Gravy? Ham? Pie? Ice Cream?

ORRRRRRRR….was it that you drank too much? Well, no judgements from all of us at CFP!

Human nature is that we are going to overindulge from time to time…the important thing is to enjoy it, recognize that its not a normal behaviour, and have a plan to get back  on the horse as soon as soon as you can.  SO this week, lets all be vigilant in watching our diet, AND make sure that we include CrossFit as part of our daily routines….

Here’s a beauty to burn off the pie….

“Turkeys Gone Away”


20 min AMRAP:

9 Calorie Assault Bike

12 Calorie Row

9 KB Swings

*Partners work round for round, Partner A completes full round, Partner B rests, switch


HSPU Practice – and YES…there are a ton of scaled accessory exercises you can do for these…see below…

4 x 0:30 Handstand Holds – Rest 1 min between

5 x HSPU Negatives – kick up into handstand position, negative decent for count of 5, come down



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