Lets start the scariest day of the year with a little…

“BENCH” – 4 sets of 10 reps – work up in weight to75% of a recent 1RM

Then For Time


13 Power Cleans 125/85

13 Burpees

13 Power Snatches 125/85

13 Calorie Row

13 Back Squats 125/85

13 KB Swings

13 Thrusters 125/85

13 Box Jumps

13 Push Jerks 125/85

13 Pushups

13 Deadlifts 125/85

13 GHD Sit-ups

13 Front Squats 125/85

You get one bar and one weight for this, so be sure to manage the weight appropriately because there is no reloading.


If you’re schedule says you can only make the 6:30pm class remember you are not excluded from Houseleague…come on out and see what the organized chaos is all about…


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