were you expecting this?


Remember when you first signed up for CrossFit and were told it should be hard?  Well this is one of those days when it is going to be hard.  Pull up your BIG BOY PANTS, or BIG GIRL PANTS, whatever you are wearing (no judgements), look at the weights for RX, think about what you are going to do for weight if you aren’t at the RX level, and then haul ass and get in here.

YASSS! its going to be a slog but really anything that is worthwhile usually is…just do it!

You’ll still say OH!, OH!, OH!…YASSS….but it will be for another reason.!

Lift heavy!  Coaches can tell when you’re faking it!


Dear God… for Time.

5 Strict HSPU

10 Press

15 Overhead Squats

20 Push Press

25 Front Squats

30 Push Jerks

35 Back Squats

35 DL

30 Split Jerks

25 Thrusters

20 Push Press

15 over Head Squats

10 Press


RX 95/65

​RX++ 115/85


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