If you were here last year, you know how fun Festivus was! if you weren’t talk to someone who was.  Are you scared?  don’t be, it’s super fun, and every level of experience and fitness can participate.  Great workouts, fantastic team spirit. Let’s do it again. Brock and I will choose the teams – we want to make sure that RX,scaled, veteran and new people get all mixed up together.  Sign up at the box.  December 2nd – 9 am warm up, 9:30 start. teams of 3, ideally mixed… I will make sure to have snacks on standby…

Strength: Front squat 5 X5 working up to 80%

Double Chipper
2 Rounds for time of
60 sec Handstand hold
50 Ab mat sit ups
40 Front rack Walking Lunges (115/75)

30 Hollow rocks
20 Squatting box jumps 24/20

10 Wheel of death – sounds like fun right?

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