Get ready to lift today, but at speed! Today’s workout is a tabata, so that means full on effort for each 20 second interval. Because this is a high intensity workout, please choose your weights wisely if you are scaling them. The weight should not be a struggle and you should be able to maintain proper form throughout.

More reading on the benefits of a Tabata workout



With a Running Clock in 19 minutes
Tabata Deadlift (185/135 lb)
Tabata Hang Power Clean (135/95 lb)
Tabata Front Squat (85/65 lb)
Tabata Push Press (65/45 lb)
1 minute Rest between exercises
Tabata (20 secs on and 10 secs off, for 8 intervals) of each movement – for a total of 32 intervals.
Score is total number of reps completed in all intervals.

Before the WOD though, we are going to try to establish some fun 1RMS:
1 rep max Standing Broad Jump
1 rep max Box Jump

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