5×3 Dealift up to 85%

Jumping Jack Flash

6 Rounds
25 Jumping Jacks
20 Split Jumps
10 Pull-Ups
5 Push Jerks 135/95


35 DAY WELLNESS CHALLENGE – Starts January 8th.

It’s that time of year again. We are changing things up to be more WELLNESS oriented than weight loss oriented. You are not allowed to step on the scale the entire time! You have a couple of choices in terms of how you tackle the nutrition side. You can do the Whole 30 ( available in our drop box), Ketogenic or Paleo.
If you decide to do half-assed whole 30 or half assed Keto/Paleo – that’s cool – cuz you get points for stuff you do…

Let’s get as many of our friends to commit to 35 days of good, solid HEALTH!

More info is in the newsletter and will be posted in the gym

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