1 – Burpee challenge starts today!  You’ve been waiting patiently for this for a few weeks – well it’s here.  Thank you Lori for organizing it! We will have a sign up sheet/spreadsheet there on monday to get you started.  this was a great success last year and people really found that they liked burpees more after doing the challenge.  It’s pretty easy. You have a number of burpees to complete each day.  that number increases every day. 🙂

2 – Thursdays will no longer be recovery days.  We have found that for our members who come on tuesday/thursday/saturday it’s not really fair.  You can always come during our open gym hours and do recovery work.  You know what you’re doing!

3 – Starting today we will be doing a Strength Bias month. After the Open, it’s a great month to get focussed on gains.  we will do at least 4 days per week with a strength component. So excited!

4 – SATURDAY APRIL 14TH – 10 wods for 10 years competition. Sign up sheet at the box tomorrow morning.  9:30 am to noon.  teams of 3. ( Brock and I will pick the teams and the workouts)

Phew!  Busy month, but so exciting. I’m so grateful every day to have you all in my life and it’s only going to get better!  XOXO Marta

Shoulder Press 5×5 upto 80% of 1Rm

6 min AMRAP
10 ring rows
20 situps

rest 4 minutes

10 min AMRAP
50 DUs
30′ Weighted Walking Lunges

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