Ok Folks, mark your calendars! On June 4th/2018 we are going to be programming “Monday Murphy”… In one weeks time we are going to be testing your physical and metal fortitude with this classic badboy hero workout. Scared to do it? Don’t be! Remember, we always have scaling options for you 🙂

How to Survive ‘Murph’

…In a nod to the workout’s military roots—it’s named for Lt. Michael P. Murphy, a Navy SEAL killed in action in 2005—CrossFit boxes around the U.S. host a Murph every Memorial Day.

But before you go crashing headlong into this buzzsaw of an endurance WOD, know this: Murph demands a smart strategy and a level-headed approach. To get the best mental and physical tactics for this particular WOD, we polled a panel of experts from both in and outside of the CrossFit world” [Read More]

Möbius strip
25 min AMRAP
Ring Push Ups
Atomic Sit Ups
Cal Row

Score is reps

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