In just T-minus 7 days, we will be participating in our first Murph of the year… At CFP, we generally do this WOD mid spring and then repeat it in autumn… On Monday June 4th, come prepared to run a bit, squat a bit, do some pull ups and a whole lot of push ups 🙂

OMG!! It’s my first Murph!” No Worries! We always have tons of scaling options for you so you can still join in on all the fun 🙂

Core Strength:
3 x 10 Ring Rows + Russian Twist + Tea Pots 

3 Rounds for Reps
800m Run -> Max Reps Bench 40% BW
400m Run -> Max Reps Bench 60% BW
200m Run -> Max Reps Bench 75% BW

The athlete will set up his/her bar then run the required distance. Immediately upon returning, complete max reps Bench Press. Take as much rest as needed to set up the bar for the next round.
Your score is reps completed

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