This was an ongoing conversation in and out of Oly with some members. Getting the lift instead of the push out from the pelvic movement ~ Kat

How to Quit Hitting Your Pubic Bone When You Snatch
Greg Everett

Not many things kill your interest in snatching as quickly as smashing your pubic bone with the bar. That’s why I recommend against it.

I’ve heard a surprising range of advice regarding this problem, and fascinatingly enough, a great deal of it isn’t the only suggestion that makes any sense at all: avoid hitting your pubic bone in the first place.

Being tougher and just dealing with it is a stupid plan…. [read more]

Strength: OH Squats 5×3 Heavy 3

Up, Up, And Away!
5 Rounds For Time
20 Weighted Box Step Ups 55/35
10 Med Ball Sit Ups 20/14
22 min Time Cap

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