Women Need To Lift More
Everyone needs to lift more, but women may need to plan for a longer term commitment to strength training than even men. That may be the takeaway from a study of skeletal mass (SM) and distribution in men and women aged 18-88 years-old. Using whole body magnetic image resonance, researchers examined the influence of age, gender, body weight, and height on SM and distribution in a large and diverse sample of 468 men and women. [read more..]

Deficit DeadLift 5×3 working to a heavy 3

WOD: Snatch Me If You Can
Run 1600m
50 One Arm DB Snatch 50/35
Run 800m
35 One Arm DB Snatch 50/35
Run 400m
20 One Arm DB Snatch 50/35

Alternating arms.

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