Articles: The Length of Your Ring Finger Can Help Predict Your Athleticism

Our research team wanted to take this finger research a step further: Could the differences predict athletic ability, and, if so, how?

In general, those with lower digit ratios—that is, those whose ring fingers are relatively longer than their pointers—are more likely to perform better across a very wide range of sports and athletic events. This was first illustrated in a detailed study of English professional football (soccer) players. [read more]

What do You Think?

Strength: Bicep curls – 3 x 7 – work up in weight

WOD: “Probatio Snatch” 
For Max Reps in 31 minutes
Max Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24/20 in)
Rest 5 minutes
Max 10 meter Shuttle Runs
Rest 4 minutes
Max Power Snatch (95/65 lb)
Rest 3 minutes
Max Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)
Rest 2 minutes
Max Unbroken Pull-Ups (single attempt)
With a running clock complete the first AMRAP. After each AMRAP, rest the same amount of time worked, then head straight into the next AMRAP. (Work 5 minutes, rest 5 minutes, work 4 minutes rest 4 minutes, etc.)

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