We will run this like we did the Open. Every class will have the opportunity to do the Wod. . We have printed out score sheets as well.  You will judge each other.  you haven’t paid?  You need to pay today!  If you signed up late, you might not receive a t-shirt…. I ordered some extras, so we shall see….

At 6 pm it’s the big event!  You can come at 5:30 and start warming up if you need to.  We will run it from 6 pm to 7:30 pm.  I’m sure that everyone will go out after for refreshments.

next wednesday:  Is the start of the team Series.  We will find out what the workout is tuesday night and we will all do the workout on wednesday even if you’re not in the team series.   If appropriate that is…

League Workout #1

100 kettlebell swings 24/16
EMOM perform 5 wall balls (20/14) before continuing

Scale 1 – KB 16/12 and WB 14/10

for those of you not doing the league you can also do the Strength today:

For non Leaguers until 6 pm:


Power Snatch

60% x 3 65% x 3 70% x 3 75% – 3 x 3

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