A slight change of plans.  It looks like the 2  first workouts will be announced tonight ( Wednesday) and Teams have until Monday night to complete.  We will do the first 2 team series workouts tomorrow ( thursday).  teams will have until monday to complete.   Depending on the workouts, we might decide to split them up and do 1 as CFP on thursday and 1 on Monday…. I guess we shall see.

Reminder FALL LEAGUE – It now starts at 6:30 PM on friday. Warm up at 6 pm. If you can’t make it right at 6:30 PM, you can start late…

So now today we will be doing this little workout:

Strength: PRESS

Amrap 8 minutes:

10 thrusters 95/65

10 box jumps

10 bike – calories

5 strict HSPU

rest 2 minutes

EMOM x 8 – we might need to change this workout….
1st: 15 GHD Sit-Ups
2nd: 20 Hip Extensions

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