Starting on Sept 24thto October 5th

We have done 5 000 metre row, now it’s time to do more.   We haven’t done a 10K row before so I wanted to put it in not as a wod but as something you can do anytime over the next 2 weeks. You can complete the 10 000 metres during class time instead of doing a workout or during OPEN gym time, as long as the rowers are not needed for the Bootcamp or classes.  Why?  So that you can check this off of your goals! 🙂 XO Marta

TEAM SERIES wods 3 and 4:  ( REMINDER: You must enter your scores by end of day today 8 pm to be exact so that I can validate your score)
21-15-9 reps for time of:
Synchronized pull-ups
Synchronized deadlifts, 225/155
Time cap: 45 min. ( not really sure why)
Tiebreak: None

5 rounds for time of:

50 double-unders (each)
50-ft. synchronized overhead lunge
M 50-lb. dumbbell
F 35-lb. dumbbell
Time cap: 15 minutes
Tiebreak: None

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