The Little Book of talent by Daniel Coyle is a little gem of a book.  Take these actionable skills and become who you envision yourself to be. While the underlying neuroscience is fascinating and complex, it all adds up to the basic truth: Small actions, repeated over time, transform us.

I will post skills every day for the next little bit….

Skill #1: STARE AT WHO YOU WANT TO BECOME   ( here is a picture for you of Annie to state at)

Fill your vision with vivid images of your future self, and stare at them every day. Studies show that even a brief connection with a role model can vastly increase unconscious motivation.

Post Murphy recovery:

Amrap 10 minutes for people who did Murphy

Amrap 20 minutes for people who did not. 🙂

10 KB swings 16/12
20 abmat sit ups

30 Double unders

Strength: DL


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