Go back to yesterday if you missed skill #1.

Skill #2:
SPEND FIFTEEN MINUTES A DAY ENGRAVING THE SKILL ON YOUR BRAIN  ( Sandy, this snatch technique picture is for you!)

Watch the skill being performed, closely and with great intensity, over and over, until you build a high-definition mental blueprint.

The key to effective engraving is to create an intense connection: to watch and listen so closely that you can imagine the feeling of performing the skill.
For physical skills, project yourself inside the performer’s body. Become aware of the movement, the rhythm; try to feel the interior shape of the moves.
For mental skills, simulate the skill by re-creating the expert’s decision patterns.

5 minute AMRAP:

15 Cal on SKI erg
10 S2O (75/55)

rest 3 minutes
5 minute Amrap:
15-10-5 DL 115/75
15-10-5 Power snatch 115/75
Max row in time remaining – SCORE

rest 3 minutes
5 minute AMRAP
15 Wall Balls
10 atomic sit ups

Strength: Back squat

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