If you’re drinking Gatorade/Powerade or if you’re giving it to your kids. STOP!!!! – INDIA!

Sugar Truths

A 20-oz. bottle of Gatorade’s G-Series—the original Gatorade drink—contains 34 g of sugar (136 calories), while a 24-oz. bottle of Ion4 Powerade contains 40 g of sugar (154 calories) in the form of high-fructose corn syrup. This is equivalent to 10 tsp. of sugar. The lower-calorie G2 Gatorade has considerably less sugar—12 g in a 20-oz. bottle—but also contains sucralose, an artificial sweetener.

These bottles each contain 34 g of refined sugar. 

Although 20 oz. of Gatorade has less sugar than the same amount of Coca-Cola (64 g) and Mountain Dew (77 g), Caryn Zinn, a dietician from Auckland, New Zealand, explained Gatorade’s sugar content is still problematic.

“The bottom line is that it is still refined sugar and needs to be minimized in our diet for optimal health,” said Zinn, who has a doctorate in public health nutrition from Auckland University of Technology.

Read the article here


Bergeron 300 – time cap 30 minutes

10 Rounds For Time:⠀⠀
5 Strict Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups – Do ring rows as a scale
10 X Dumbbell Movements* (50/35)⠀⠀
15 GHD Sit-ups⠀ – Atomic Sit ups as an alternative⠀

*Dumbbell Movements:⠀⠀
Rd 1: DB Push Press⠀⠀
Rd 2: DB Burpees – funky!⠀⠀
Rd 3: DB Power Cleans ⠀⠀
Rd 4: DB Bench Press
Rd 5: DB Lunge⠀⠀
Rd 6: DB Front Squat⠀⠀
Rd 7: DB Bent Over Rows – do 1 arm at a time resting knee on bench⠀⠀
Rd 8: DB Snatch – 1 arm snatch
Rd 9: DB Deadlifts⠀⠀
Rd 10: DB Thrusters⠀

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