TIP #34:

1. Make the correct move.
2. Make the incorrect move.
3. Make the correct move again.
The goal is to reinforce the correct move and to put a spotlight on the mistake,

TIP #35:

Our brains make stronger connections when they’re stimulated three times with a rest period of ten minutes between each stimulation.
To learn something most effectively, practice it three times, with ten-minute breaks between each rep.

1 RM Turkish get up per side

work up in weight with KB or DB

3 minute amrap:

10 Cal Row

20 Dus

10 split jumps

rest 3 minutes

3 Minute AMRAP:

10 cal Bike

20 Atomic Situps

10 S2O 95/65

rest 3 minutes

10 cal Erg

20 hollow rocks

10 KB swings

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