Remembrance Day ceremony on the site of Special Training School 103 (STS103) otherwise known as Camp X – Thank you Brad for sharing these pictures with us.  You should be proud my friends.  Our little family raised $1525 ( plus more at the box that I haven’t counted!) for the Wounded Warriors.  thank you from the bottom of my heart.  This is so important.   didn’t donate yet?  You can still do so here

Have you bought all you want from the swag shop?  NO? – last chance GO shopping now!

Did you see that we now have a Gravitron?   YUP!  Thank you Glen for helping me find this little gem. I’ve been wanting one for so long as I know it will be great for you to develop strength for your pull ups/dips. Way better than Bands.  We won’t be using it during wods, but for strength/accessory.   Ask a coach to teach you how to use it.


Back Rack Lunge – 4 x 8 work up in weight – Use racks on the uprights – start on south side and walk out 4 lunges turn around and lunge back to rack – be aware of your surroundings.

3 Rounds for time:

5 Ring Muscle-Ups
20 Atomic Sit ups
20 Pistols

Cash out not for time

3 x 6 Turkish get ups – work up in weight

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