Happy new year everyone!  we are closed on January 1st – resuming all regular classes on the 2nd. Enjoy your day off.

Bingo Month is starting tomorrow!!!!

Bingo Month is hitting CrossFit Pickering for January and you aren’t going to want to miss out!
Everyone is invited to grab a Bingo card and start STAMPING off boxes (getting your coaches to sign off on boxes), getting as many Bingos as you can until January 31st.
Depending on how many Bingos you get, you will be entered in for different prizes…
One Bingo: 20$ towards our store (swag/supplements/wodndone/bars…) – 3 winners
Three Bingos: $35 towards our store – 2 winners
Blacked out card: $50 to spend in our store plus a special gift!
*Cards will be checked at end of day on January 31st and you will be entered in for the prize determined by how many Bingos you get!
We have the Bingo Cards printed for you, coaches will keep your card in our binder so you don’t need to keep track of it, just make sure you write your name on your card or you’ll be stamping off boxes for someone else.

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