We had a few questions about Bingo:

  • Posts with your friends – each person needs to post and tag us.
  • movements/tasks done during a wod do not count. EX: 100 snatches in the wod – these will not count.
  • Doing any extra work ( wods, rowing, snatches etc….) – has to be done at CrossFit Pickering.
  • the 1000 Step ups – Also Called Chad – ideally are done with a vest or Weighted Backpack.  Here is the story of Chad, Dave Castro’s friend who died in October
  • Bring a friend –  Has to be someone who has never been to CrossFit Pickering.



Press 4 x 4 work at 80%

3 rounds for time

50 Air Squats
5   Strict HSPU
40 Abmat Sit Ups
4   Rope Climbs
30 Box Jumps
3   Candle Sticks
20 Kettle Bell Swings 24/16
2   Dead Lifts @ 90% 1RM

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