I wanted to try and see what would happen if we did COMPTRAIN programming for this week…

Let me know what you think…  He is currently doing programming to prep his athletes for the OPEN. I often will take some of his wods/strength and modify them to suit our needs. this time I actually followed an entire week.  I did take some things out, as it would take us 2 hours to do some of the training, but most of it is there

Power Clean + Handstand Push-ups
On the 90s x 5 Rounds:
33% of Max Kipping Handstand Push-ups
3-3-2-2-1: Power Cleans

Between 70-85%. Single Repetitions on Cleans.

“Air Walker”
25/18 Calorie Row
50 Double Unders
3 Rounds of “The Chief” (135/95)

1 Round of “The Chief”:
3 Power Cleans + 6 Pushups + 9 Air Squats

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